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Many thanks for visiting this site. Here we introduce research about celebrity humanitarianism and celebrity advocacy. We provide links and resources about this topic and to make the books more teachable and readable. We hope that this helps make the books and our ideas more accessible and useful to students, educators and practitioners.

The website centers around two books:

Both were published in the 'Rethinking Development' Series with Routledge Press.

In addition to these books you may be interested in two others which preceded these, and for which other websites already exist, these are:

What you will find on this site:

  • We provide more background information on the arguments and issues raised by celebrity research.

  • We also provide introductions to some of our key terms and concepts.

  • We outline some teachable themes and resources for those themes which will help structure lectures and classroom activities.

  • We also offer some case studies and useful links.

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